Aug 30

Postagram 2.3: ready for your love!

Postagram for iPhone version 2.2 added many new features, including bulk credit purchasing, easier sharing with friends, and improved feedback tools for feature requests and reporting lost cards.

… unfortunately it also had a bug that caused the app to crash on iPhone 3Gs…

Which we’ve totally fixed now! So now everybody can once again enjoy the magic that is Postagram :)

Let us know what you’d like to see in future updates!

Aug 29

Postagram 2.2 on 3g phones

It has been a great week for Postagram.  We’re meeting a lot of great new users who have discovered Postagram through our appearance in Apple Ads in the Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker.  Welcome!

Unfortunately, in our efforts to constantly release new features in the Postagram app we’ve recently shipped a bug that affects users of Postagram on 3g iPhones.  If you install the latest version of Postagram or update to the newest version of Postagram from your 3g phone, the app will crash after opening and you won’t be able to send Postagrams.  We are very sorry for this inconvenience.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us track down this issue. We are submitting a fix to the Apple app store tonight that will fix this bug.  Unfortunately due to the the Apple app store approval process this fix can take up to 7 days to appear in the app store.

What to do:

Existing users on 3g phones: If you see this blog post before you have a chance to update, please don’t update the app from Postagram 2.1 to 2.2.  Please wait until Postagram 2.3 is in the app store.  We will announce that update here on our blog.

New users on 3g phones: Thanks for checking out our app. Unfortunately you will not be able to use the app for about 1 week until Postagram 2.3 is in the app store. Check back here on our blog for updates.

All users on iPhone 4 & 3gs: Lucky ducks – you are fine.  Use your fancy phone and send a nice Postagram to one of your friends with a 3g phone.

Sorry for the hassle to everyone this effects.  There is great stuff in the latest version of Postagram and we’re excited for when we can share it with you!

Aug 26

Postagram in the New York Times!

Doctor Popular, our resident iPhone photographer and community manager, was featured in a full page spread in yesterday’s New York Times. Read the full article here, and be sure to check out the bonus interactive “how-to” feature.

[above photo courtesy The New York Times]

Aug 26

Instawalk and SynthCam talk this Saturday in San Francisco

Join us for our next InstawalkSF this Saturday. We’ll start with a half hour “tips and tricks” talk on the SynthCam app for iPhone, then we’ll walk to the Ferry Building for conversations, lunch, and cool stuff to photograph.

We’ll meet in front of the downtown San Francisco Apple Store, then bring everyone up to the Sincerely offices (800 Market St) for the SynthCam talk, then go out for our walk at around 11:45. As usual, we encourage folks to shoot with their mobile phones and post them during the walk with the #instawalkSF tag.

Aug 24

Postagram featured in Apple’s “Globe-trotter” ads

Apple has been featuring Postagram along with 4 other great travel apps in their recent print advertisiments. W00t! Seen above is the full page ad from today’s Wall Street Journal, but we also hear it’s appered in the New Yorker and other papers.

Aug 17

Bucket Man (part two!)

Last week I talked with Larry “Bucket Man” Hunt, one of the street performers that hangs out near our office. I snapped some photos of him performing and sent them as Postagrams.

When I walked by Larry this afternoon, I was stoked to see that Postagram posted prominently by his drum kit along with pictures of Larry and Will Smith hanging out. I love sending photos as postcards and it’s so awesome to be able to see those folks later and find out how much they love thier cards!

Aug 15

Photo walk in NYC this Sunday!

Attention New Yorkers, we are organizing a mobile phone photo walk in Union Square Park and would love to see you there! We’ll be meeting at 10am (August 21st) in front of the the Starbucks at¬†10 Union Square East. From there we will walk through the park and will walk until noon. Photographers are encouraged to post their images to Twitter/Instagram/etc during the walk with the #instawalkNYC hashtag.

In case of rain, we will meet at Grand Central Station instead of the Union Square. Follow @Postagram on Twitter or Instagram for more updates during the event. Please feel free to download this image and repost it to help spread the word. We look forward to meeting you there!

Aug 11

Bucket Man!

Our new office is, uh, noisier than our older one. It’s certainly kind of cool to always hear the pulse of the city as we work. The typical day starts with the sound of bulldozers and jackhammers (did I mention they are building a new subway tunnel under us?) as the building shakes. Later in the afternoon the construction starts to slow down and the street performers start making their sounds.

I finally got a chance to meet “Bucket Man“, who often sets up on Market Street in front of the Old Navy Store. Bucket Man, who’s real name is Larry Hunt, plays for hours on end with a big smile on his face the whole time. I snapped these photos of him in action and sent them as Postagrams while we talked. I can’t wait for him to get them.

Fun fact, Larry was in Pursuit of Happyness. Neat!


Aug 9

Congrats to the winners of the Juxtaposer Challenge on Instagram

Over on Instagram, our friend PicTouch¬†recently ran the “#Juxtaposer_Challenge“, where contestants were asked to submit work they created with the awesome Juxtaposer app for iPhone. Congrats to Photoloverr and binziphone_gf for their great work and thanks to PicTouch for organizing it. We’ve donated Postagram credits to the winners.