Jan 21

Sundance Instawalk and Photo Contests

Are you in Park City this weekend? If so, be sure to check out our Sundance themed mobile photo-walk this Saturday. We’ll be meeting at in noon in front of the Egyptian Theater, then walking down Main Street for an hour. We’ll be posting images to Instagram and Twitter with the #instawalkSUNDANCE

We are also hosting a Park City Photo contest. To enter, post your best photo from this year’s Sundance festival to Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to tag the image #TeamBing and @Postagram to enter. We’ll pick winners on Saturday and Sunday for Bing Bar access, Postagram credits, and other prizes. Follow us on Twitter for more info.

Jan 21

With Love From Sundance (Day 1)

Greetings from Park City, UT, where the snow just started falling. We are out here with the awesome folks at Bing doing a killer Postagram promotion at Sundance. Read all about it on TechCrunch ;)

So far our trip has been awesome, and I got a few shots I wanted to share (above). These were all taken on my iPhone. The scenery is gorgeous and shooting photos in the snow has been fun!

We are just getting started with our Postagraming, but managed to spot a few celebs out here, like Ben from The Bachelor!

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Jan 17

Introducing Doc’s Guide: Our New Bi-Montly Mobile Photography Newsletter

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For someone who goes by the name “Doctor Popular”, I can be a surprisingly shy guy… at least until someone brings up mobile photography; then I suddenly come to life. So I’m happy to announce Doc’s Guide, our new bi-monthly mobile photography newsletter, where I’ll share my favorite photo apps, techniques for taking better photographs, and other tricks of the mobile photography trade.

We’ll be launching this new guide this week, so be sure to sign up here to catch the first issue!

Jan 12

Create your own Cinemagraphs with the Kinotopic app for iOS

I’ve been wanting to make my own cinemagraphs ever since I saw Photojojo’s excellent tutorial, but messing around with Photoshop turned out to be a bit trickier than I had hoped. Luckily the new Kinotopic app for iOS makes this whole process a breeze! A cinemagraph is an animated gif that looks like a static image, but with a few parts of the image actually moving. It’s like a cross between photography and videography. Creating these surreal images with Kinotopic is actually pretty easy. You start with a short video, then select the parts of that video that you would like to animate. Kinotopic will then create an animated gif where everything stays totally still except for the highlighted sections.

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Jan 6

Jen Pollack Bianco’s Postagrams from Egypt

Travel writer and photographer Jen Pollack Bianco has been sending us some great Postagrams from her recent trip to Egypt. It’s been fun to experience The Pyramids of Giza through the mail… and I know should be used to it by now, but it’s still crazy to think about the experience of getting postcards from across the world in just a few days.

Check out Jen’s travel writing and awesome mobile photography!

BTW, we LOVE getting Postagrams, so please feel free to send us pics from wherever you happen to be. If we use one of your Postagrams, we’ll be sure to hook you up with some credits too!

Postagram attn Doc
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San Francisco, CA 94102

Jan 4

Our AppJudgment segment on the Percolator App

Our community manager and in-house photographer, Doc Pop, recently made another appearance on Revision3′s awesome AppJudgment show to talk about one of his favorite iOS apps, Percolator.

Percolator creates awesome circle-mosiacs from your images. It’s a lot of fun to play with, especially when combined with other apps. Try Percolatin’ a Hipstamatic image to see the how the circular effects handle the borders.

Jan 3

Postagram Cookie!

Our friend Megan created this delicious looking Postagram themed cookie over the holidays. She writes:

It’s a sugar cookie! Thought of you guys as I was making Xmas cookies this year and I thought I would give the postagram icon a shot :)

Thanks so much for sharing!

If you have a Postagram story you’d like to share with us, email it to doc@sincerely.com. If we publish your story we’ll be sure to hook you up with some Sincerely credits too!