Oct 14

8 must have camera apps for your iPhone 4S

Whether you’ve just picked up your first iPhone or you’ve recently made the jump to the newest model, here is my list of favorite photography apps to help you get the most out of the iPhone 4S’s great new camera.

Camera+- One of the best apps for cropping and image adjustments out there.Their “clarity” can automagically bring detail to most images. The camera options in Camera+ are also great. I especially like the ability to leave the LED flash on while shooting pictures.

Instagram- Though Instagram is often thought of as a camera filter app, it’s real strength is in it’s community. Instagram is a great place to share your own pictures as well as see the photos other people are taking. I always learn something useful whenever I surf through my friends photos, and sometimes I’ll even get useful feedback left on the photos I post.

Hipstamatic- A great app for quickly generating interesting photos on the go. The filters are fairly heavy handed, and can be removed/changed later, but part of Hipstamatic’s charm is about embracing chaos. Shake your phone, take a bunch of pictures, and be surprised by the results.

TrueHDR- Although the built in Camera app has an HDR feature, I suggest getting a separate HDR app for better effect and more control TrueHDR is my favorite, though there are many others out there.

Phoster- This is a great app for creating posters on the go. Perfect for party invites, parody film posters, or just to promote events. The fonts and layout are all pre-selected, which really helps make the end result look sleek.

Photosynth- This amazing app takes advantage of the iPhone’s gyroscope to help you create panoramas in real time by simply moving your phone.

Camera- The built in Camera is what I use to shoot my pictures. It’s stable and fast, and the new edit mode in Photos makes it perfect for most light edits.

Postagram- Now that you’ve got all of these great photo tools at your disposal, our Postagram app is a fantastic way to send them off as physical postcards for only $.99. Nothing beats recieving a postcard with a fantastic photo on it, amirite? :)

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5 thoughts on “8 must have camera apps for your iPhone 4S

  1. I have Camera+ and I have to say it lacks in comparison to PhotoStudio which isn’t on this list. Have you guys tried that app? You can do so much with it that the developers don’t even mention. It’s the closest to Photoshop I’ve seen. I’d like to try Phoster but not worth the $2 risk. Now that I’ve said that, I feel silly. But I hate buying apps only to delete them which is what I feel like doing with Camera+.

  2. Hey Kim, thanks for the suggestions. I have PhotoStudio, but rarely use it, where I use Camera+ for almost every single image I post. It's cool how many different apps there are for all our tastes. Many of my friends swear by Snapseed for instance, but I keep coming back to Camera+. I hear you on the $2 seeming risky, if you don't ever think you'll be making a flier of some sort on your iPhone, it may be something worth skipping.

  3. I’m a big fan of the iPhone 4S camera. It’s not just brilliant camera apps you can get for it either, the camera accessories are amazing too. The Olloclip is genius. Its more professional than most apps really.