May 12

Mother’s Day Inspired Mommy-isms

“Momma” was one of your very first words, and what a momentous occasion that was! Throughout the years, she’s probably given you some momentous memories and words in return. Words of wisdom, words of advice, maybe even some words of random musings. We’ve compiled our favorite Mommy-isms, submitted by YOU, our fabulous Postagrammers!

 Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…. (random, just… random)

“It’s time to wake up and go to bed” whenever I would fall asleep somewhere other than my bed. Always seemed crazy. – Maggie Genevieve Wedemeyer

“I’m cold, go put a sweater on.” – Alysa Cohen

My mom sent a link to a jewelry site, asking me to pick out a pendant… for when her and my dad passes, they would be cremated and use their ashes to make into jewelry.  I picked a cowboy boot. – Kelly Greeley

 LOL worthy Mommy-isms

 “I’m sorry I dropped you” – Richard Drumn

“Don’t go getting any young girls pregnant.” Which I assume meant it was okay to get an older woman pregnant. – Richard Drumn

When hurt as a child, “It’ll go away when you get married.” – Carol Kerr

“If you ever get arrested and were in jail, I will find a way to do the time for you.” – Elizabeth Steed

For a party, my mom bought beer mugs and what she thought were palm trees but they were actually pot leaves. She was like “I thought they were palm trees so I got them since I’m in Florida!” – Tracy Burnett

Our Allergies Are Acting Up (yup, those darn itchy, watery eyes…)

“No matter how old you are, you’ll always be my baby.” (This is the last mom-ism she gave me just a few weeks before she passed away unexpectedly. Most grateful!) – Angela Gerou

My mom used to ALWAYS put in my box lunch that she sent with me every day a napkin that she would draw a heart in and write “L.Y.” which stood for LOVE YOU. – Elizabeth Steed

She preemptively bought all of the Harry Potter books for her future grandchild – Rinee Pefley

She sends me flowers every spring to say “Happy Spring” and care packages for every holiday – Jenni Cordova


“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed buggies bite. I love you!” – Kimberly Jeronimo

“I’m going to tell your Dad when he gets home” – Buzz Woods

“Your face is going to get stuck like that!” – Bridgett Holtz

I’m married, with two children. My mom still sneaks me money when I visit and says “shh… don’t tell your father” – Kathy Kagan

“Don’t look at people’s weaknesses, look at their strengths” – Jen Yen

There you have it! Moms can be sweet, wise, and sometimes, downright hilarious. Tell her today that you love and appreciate her just the way she is. Today, no mom, is better than your mom! Except maybe for Claire Huxtable. She’s kind of an amazing mom… just saying.

Apr 25

A Dedication to Some Amazing Moms

Mother’s day is quickly approaching and to get us all into the holiday spirit, let’s take a walk down mommy lane. Check out our list of awesome moms and why they’re so special to us. Do you think we’ve missed any? If so, be sure to comment and let us know!

June Cleaver


(Image by

Leave it to Beaver Mrs. Cleaver! If there ever was a poster child for an ideal mom, June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver is it. This perfectly polished, polite, and attentive housewife/mother was always there for her little tykes and teaching them fabulous life lessons along the way. Fictional or not, Mrs. Cleaver epitomizes a specific persona of Americana Motherhood.

Michelle Obama

(Image by

The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), Michelle Obama gets a Mother’s Day nod for her dedication to creating healthy eating habits for the children of this country. A great mother always ensures that you eat your veggies. Way to go MObama!

Tina Fey

(Image by

This funny mom juggles a successful Hollywood career and motherhood like nobody’s business. Fun fact, she actually uses her daughter for script inspiration. “I want to go to there” (a line used by Liz Lemon on 30 Rock) was actually coined by her then toddler daughter.

Amy Chua (aka Tiger mom)

(Image by

Forget about Cougar Town, give us some of that Tiger Mom! This strong mommy instills intellect, music prowess, and good old fashion work ethic into her daughters. She is single-handedly creating the leaders of tomorrow. Charlie Sheen was onto something; tiger blood is the way to go.

Sheryl Sandberg – “Lean In” Working Mom

(Image by

Speaking of strong influential mothers, we must give a mention to Sheryl Sandberg. Sandberg’s new book, Lean In, encourages women and mothers to engage more at work and at home. Her philosophy to juggling motherhood and career is revered by some and slammed by others. But whatever your viewpoint on this delicate issue, credit is due to Sandberg for being able to seemingly excel at both.

Last but certainly not least, our Moms for the win!

Thank you for kissing our boo-boos away, leaving the hallway light on, and always being there for us when we needed you most. You’re simply one of a kind and the best Mother that anyone could ever ask for. We love, appreciate, and celebrate you this May 12th (and the other 364 days out of the year). Happiest of Mother’s Day to you all!

Feb 5

Last Call for Valentine’s Day Cards!

Today is the LAST DAY to send Postagrams and Ink Cards to arrive on or before Valentine’s Day!!!

Need some inspiration for your love note? We’ve got you covered!

Without Laughter there is No Love:

- If you were a booger, I would pick you first.
- Baby did you fart, ’cause you blow me away!

Going the Long Distance:

- Distance is to love like wind is to fire… it extinguishes the small and kindles the great.
- I’ll hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms.

Revenge of the Nerds Inspired:

- Are you a piece of Carbon? Because I would love to date you.
- You are the CSS to my HTML.

Sappy, Sweet and Sentimental:

- When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. – When Harry Met Sally
- I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day… – The Notebook

Special Circumstances:

- I might not be Ryan Gosling but if you close your eyes, you can pretend that I am.
- I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather survive a Zombie Apocalypse with.

Girl Power:

- If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it – Beyonce
- Men should be like Kleenex…soft, strong, disposable. – Cher

If you don’t have any luck with those, a regular Postagram will do just fine ;)

Jan 14

#SFPhotohunt results


We had a great time at yesterday’s #SFPhotohunt with the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Thanks to everyone for coming out. Thanks to the judges. And a big thanks to Kathryn and the CJM for hosting such a fun event. We had around 200 participants, which is awesome, so thanks again for coming out. We had five different photo challenges, here are the winners for each category:

HELLO STRANGER / @einwiller

THE LAW / @littlelisasf

HARD BOILED / @reneeavargas

KISSER / @seenyarita

MUNI / @samuelclay

Jan 7

The Contemporary Jewish Museum and Postagram present: #SFPhotoHunt


This Sunday, January 13th, we’ll be hosting the #sfphotohunt with our friends at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. It’s an #instawalk with a historical twist, join us for a photographic scavenger hunt and panel discussion inspired by the exhibition “The Radical Camera: New York’s Photo League 1936–1951.” Participation in the hunt earns you free admission to the CJM, where you can get lost in midcentury New York…until it’s time to win a $200 gift certificate to Photojojo!

1pm–3pm // Meet on the Plaza in front of the Contemporary Jewish Museum to receive your scavenger hunt assignments. Winner of the hunt will be determined by expert judges, including Jessica Zollman (@jayzombie!).

3–3:30pm // Show an #SFphotohunt entry and receive free admission to the Museum.

3:30-4pm // We’ve come a long way since the 35mm camera first gave the Photo Leaguers the ability to take photography to go. Grab a Taylor’s Tonic from the Fizzary, purveyors of all things old-timey, sweet, and bubbly, and listen in on a panel discussion on mobile photography with our esteemed judges including Pete Kiehart, SF Chronicle Visuals Editor; Vince Donovan, Photographer and Owner of Photobooth; Travis Jensen, SF Street Photographer.

4pm // Winners Announced! Best photo of the day receives a $200 gift certificate to Photojojo, and best photo from the #SFphotohunt contest overall wins a Lytro camera (learn more about the ongoing #SFphotohunt contest at

4:15-5pm // The Museum is open until 5pm.

Jan 7

Maui Workation!


Aloha from Laihana, in West Maui. Our whole team is out here for a week-long workation, where we are working on some updates for all our Sincerely products, including Postagram. You wouldn’t believe how many rainbows there are here. In fact it’s hard to take a photo without a rainbow. Seriously! It’s like getting rainbow bombed!

We’ll be sending Postagrams from our little cottage while we are here. If you’d like one, just sign in or add your address here. Mahalo.

Dec 20

Hipstamatic’s Tintype SnapPak

Hipstamatic's Tintype Pak

Hipstamatic released the “Tintype SnapPak” and it’s pretty cool, so we wanted to spread the word. There’s a few interesting things going on with this kit, but most interesting is in the “lens” itself. The Tinto 1884 lens uses facial recognition to recreate a very shallow depth of field unique for each photograph. This is similar in some ways to what some apps do with tilt-shift or radial blur effects, but Hipstamatic’s effect is more customized for faces. Notice, for instance, that it will leave eyes and mouth unaffected, while blurring out the nose and forehead. If the app can’t detect a face, it just switches into a radial blur. The Tinto 1884 lens is definitely intended for close ups, so don’t be afraid to get up close to your subject! Here is an example of the Tinto 1884 Lens with the Black Keys Supergrain film.

Hipstamatic's Tintype Pak

Read More

Dec 19

Messages of Condolences for Newtown, CT

Many of our users have requested an easy way to be able to share their sympathy and support for the people of Newtown, CT. We found the PO box the city set up for such purposes and have created the link below to allow users to send a FREE card:

Simply click the link above, then fill in your account info. Then the next time you open Postagram or Ink Cards, the credits and address will be added to your account as “Messages of Condolences”.

We are constantly touched by the thoughtfulness of our users and are always happy to hear your ideas, thanks for sharing!

Dec 18

Postagram at SFO for the Holidays!

Postagram has landed at the San Francisco International Airport this holiday season! SFO volunteers are stationed in 5 spots in the terminals now through Friday, December 21st from 9:30 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.  If you happen to be flying through the most beautiful city in the world (we’re biased) check out their AWESOME setup and make sure to send a free, SFO designed Postagram home to your loved ones!  “… And to all a good flight!”  Happy holidays from Postagram and SFO!

Postagram creative by San Francisco International Airport