Dec 20

Hipstamatic’s Tintype SnapPak

Hipstamatic's Tintype Pak

Hipstamatic released the “Tintype SnapPak” and it’s pretty cool, so we wanted to spread the word. There’s a few interesting things going on with this kit, but most interesting is in the “lens” itself. The Tinto 1884 lens uses facial recognition to recreate a very shallow depth of field unique for each photograph. This is similar in some ways to what some apps do with tilt-shift or radial blur effects, but Hipstamatic’s effect is more customized for faces. Notice, for instance, that it will leave eyes and mouth unaffected, while blurring out the nose and forehead. If the app can’t detect a face, it just switches into a radial blur. The Tinto 1884 lens is definitely intended for close ups, so don’t be afraid to get up close to your subject! Here is an example of the Tinto 1884 Lens with the Black Keys Supergrain film.

Hipstamatic's Tintype Pak

The second part of this pak are the black and white and color “films“. These films are heavily textured and really nail the look of classic Tintype photography.

Hipstamatic's Tintype Pak

We are pretty impressed with the new apps and hope to see more experimental filters in the future. You can download Hipstamatic in the app store for $.99 today (50% off) and find the Tintype SnapPack for an extra $.99 in app purchase. New Hipstamatic users should check out Doc’s Guide to Hipstamatic for a good breakdown of some killer hidden features.

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