Apr 12

Introducing Postagram – Instagrams by mail

Today we have two exciting announcements:  First, we are unveiling our new company, Sincerely Inc.  Sincerely is focused on making it easy to send real photos in the mail from your phone. We believe printed photos are meaningful & a photo sent to a friend is the most ubiquitously appreciated gift on the planet.

Second, we are announcing our first service, Postagram.  Postagram lets you send a real instagram photo print in the mail to yourself or to a friend.  Postagram is available on the iphone here: http://www.postagramapp.com/download and on the web here: http://www.postagramapp.com

What is Postagram?

Postagram is an iPhone app and web app that makes it easy to send a printed Instagram photo (a Postagram) in the mail to yourself, friends or family anywhere in the world.

  • All Postagram photos are printed on thick, high quality photo postcards at 300dpi resolution.
  • Each postagram is printed and delivered anywhere in the world for only 99 cents.
  • US delivery takes only 2-5 business days. International delivery, a bit longer.
  • Each postagram is personalized with the Instagram profile photo of the sender, an optional 140 character message, and the Instagram photo which can pop-out of the postcard.

What does a Postagram look like?

(The photo is die-cut to be removed from the card at the recipient’s discretion)

What are people doing with Postagram?

Our beta testers have used Postagram to:

  • get a print of an Instagram photo for themselves
  • send a memorable print to a friend
  • create a personalized greeting card

How do I send Postagrams?

You can send Postagrams from the free Postagram iphone app. Download the app here or search for “postagram” on the app store

Postagrams can also be sent from the postagramapp.com website.  Try it out here

Users have created millions of beautiful photographs on Instagram; now they can use Postagram to print a photo for themselves or create a personalized photo card for a friend.

And why did we do this?

Because we think reality is awesome!  And because we think there is no greater gift than a real photo sent to a friend.

Postagram is a product of Sincerely Inc.  Sincerely Inc was founded in 2011 with the mission of making it easy to send a printed photo, the world’s most ubiquitous gift, from your phone.

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29 thoughts on “Introducing Postagram – Instagrams by mail

  1. This is an amazing service!!! I’ve already ordered two postcards and have asked a bunch of friends for their addresses. Thank you so much for providing this service!

  2. @Adam Awesome to hear!!@PanaJarek We ship in the US and abroad. International shipping takes a bit longer – as much as 2 weeks – but we hope to improve that by scaling our printing infrastructure

  3. I have downloaded and installed but it is not letting me sign in to my Instagram account. I know my username and password is correct so there is a glitch somewhere….

  4. AWESOME! I have been waiting for something like this a bit. And $0.99 is a perfect price. Will it stay that cheap?Also, i noticed the app is only available in the USA store (not in The Netherlands), has this any reason? I can order from your website, right?Daniël

  5. Yeah, this is awesome. Just mailed out a shot of my kids to my mom. So incredibly easy. The whole thing is brilliant, but the pop-out photo is an extra touch of genius. And good call on the pricepoint. $1.99 is hard to stomach, but $0.99 is a no-brainer. Huge demarcation above $1.00!Great work!

  6. Hi! Love this app!Questions:1. How do I update my profile pic? (when i created my acct, i skipped that step).2. I sent a card to “Mr & Mrs LastName” but the email confirm and the contact info in the app shows “& Mrs LastName”. It cut off the “Mr”. Is this a bug?Thanks!

  7. Thought of this from the start, so awesome to see a company not only make it happen, but do it in such an awesome way. I’m a little concerned with the crossed out $1.99 though. Makes it seem like it’s eventually going to go back to that price. I’ll buy 100 at $.99, but I won’t ever buy one at $1.99, just so you guys know! Thanks for doing this

  8. Boy! I agree with Ralph on the integration of contacts into this app. How easy would that be to send your friends postcards? Those micro-99 cent purchases would be so simple to make.

  9. Hi @Cari: 1. To update your Instagram profile pic, open Instagram, click Profile, and select Change Profile Picture. It takes some time for the profile picture to become active, but give it an hour or so and it should appear in our app.2. Thank you for reporting this bug, and we’re sorry about that. We will be fixing this in our next push.

  10. @Ralph: Absolutely hear you there, and thanks for the suggestion. This is something we plan to support very soon.

  11. Wow, amazing! I couldn’t use the app since I’m from Germany and the app is US only but i just send out my first Postagram using the Instagram API on your site.Looking forward to see the real postcard with the instagram pop-out!

  12. @Yuriy Right now you can only use postagram with an Instagram account. You can create an Instagram account by downloading their app from the app store.

  13. This is really a fantastic service, the only problem tho is that there is no App for the mexican app store, but I just went ahead and ordered from the site itself. It is very easy to use, by the time I noticed I already had ordered about 10 pics!Hope it doesn’t take too long to arrive, I am very excited and this is a PERFECT way to keep an old school tradition alive by combining it with new tech.. fantastic idea KUDOS to all of the postagram team!

  14. I loved ordering Mother’s Day postagrams! So cool and convenient!2 minor probs:1. I inserted some emojis (happy face, flowers) with my text. The emojis did show/preview on the app before I placed my order. However, when the printed card arrived, the emojis did not print, instead question marks “?” where printed where the emojis were. Can you disable emoji from the keyboard if they are not print supported? Or some other UI to say emojis not supported?2. Every postagram I have ordered has arrived kinda mangled in the mail, each time the right “frame” tear out has been ripped off, leaving the photo dangling precariously, almost falling out. A design/production issue? Or maybe my USPS is just too rough! :)Love postagram!~Cari

  15. @Sincerely, this is great! 1 thing: need to be able to manage recipients (e.g. delete old addresses). Otherwise, AWESOME.

  16. I love using Postagram! I’m sure you’ve thought of this already, but it would be great if we could purchase a photo album from you that is specifically designed to fit the photo pop outs. Just a thought! Keep up the good work!

  17. How do I change the name that shows up on the postcard. If my kid wants to send something to their friend, does it have to have my name on it? I don’t see any way to change the From name.

  18. Please, PLEASE — make it easier send to friends/family by having an address book. That way when I get a great picture I can just click and send. I really don’t want to spend the time to plug in every address… and some I don’t even have with me all the time… I would buy a TON more cards if I could just click the address. (And it would be handy if I could add the addresses by computer and not phone).

  19. Hello :), we actually do support address books. When in the address field, click on the button on the top right hand side of the screen to pull up your devices’s address book.

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